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90Days Program

For Startups, Established companies having technology solutions, services, or products and keen to connect the hard to reach b2b clients and acquire their meetings,

The GrowthAspire, composed of experts in every aspect of virtual sales disciplines, will use the proven relationship and direct response strategies to help you ‘break in’ to markets that should be buying from you.

3-Month Commitment Required. 

First 30-Days: 

Strategy: To Setup, Campaign Development in terms of copy, content, and campaign Warm-up.

Remaining 60-Days: 

Execution of Multi-Channel Campaigns and Optimization

How we do it?

Our team of experienced email, cold e-mail copy, telephone, sales, and LinkedIn experts –at GrowthAspire –

will create a completely custom B2B outreach strategy and execute it.

With our effort we will generate useful data and trigger business conversations, that will be qualified leads for you to follow up on and close the sales.

What happens in these 3 months?

First 30 days (Setup Period)

A lot. We’ll meet multiple times in the first week to nail down the campaign strategy and copy / messaging.

If you have been doing already outreach campaigns, we will take stock of what is your experiments, success so far and also analyzes your current set of the tech stack, CRM, database, and campaigns.

We will then set up if required complete outreach stack (includes purchase, build, and integrate) that aligns with the agreed strategy.

We will then segment your audience and create nurture content or repurpose your existing content that is required to start targeted campaigns.

When we reach an agreement on campaign targets and strategy, we’ll start running some ‘test the waters’ campaigns.

Next 60 days (Execution Period)

A typical 60-day execution phase will look like this:

  • 2-4 multi-touch (3-4) highly targeted email campaigns
  • 2-4 LinkedIn cold outreach campaigns.
  • We will track the e-mail & LinkedIn response every business day for the duration of our work together.
  • Ongoing optimization on all campaigns. We will be constantly adjusting targeting, tone, pacing, messaging, etc… to maximize the reach and encourage replies.
  • Weekly reports are provided electronically to outline wins, losses, a/b test results, deliverability, inbox placement, nature of replies, etc…

Depending on the type of business, we can choose to do LinkedIn + E-mail outreach followed by telephone, or LinkedIn not a good choice for your business, multiple email campaigns to be arranged to test different targets and messaging.

What is included or required as tech/automation?

The campaigns we run are using a lot of technology tools that automate the whole outreach process.

So the tech stack and paid resources – are all included in the project fee or can be excluded. Typically the technology aspect constitutes 20% of the overall fees

The exact platform and sourcing choices depend on your unique situation. At a minimum, we’ll need and set up the following:

  • Up 1-3 Branded domains
  • A dedicated IP address (if required)
  • Up to 2-3 email accounts (For testing)
  • A cold email platform to manage the campaigns, track results, etc…
  • LinkedIn campaign management and monitoring tools
  • A suite of deliverability diagnostic and monitoring tools
  • At least 1,000 validated and enriched prospects (to procure this from sources)
  • LinkedIn Navigator access

If you don’t have a CRM, we’ll set up a 14-day trial PipeDrive CRM or Hubspot CRM for no additional cost. If you do have a well-supported CRM, we can integrate the same at no cost.

What happens after the 90Days Period?

As we approach the 90-day mark, we will put together a list of recommendations based on wins and losses from the collective campaigns.

At this point there are 3 following options to choose from:

  • Hire GrowthAspire to continue running the email and/or LinkedIn campaigns (month-to-month) – the numbers will have to look *really* good for this direction to make fiscal sense.
  • Hire GrowthAspire to train your to continue running the campaigns in-house (hourly) – in this scenario, we’ll transfer the entire software, content, tools, and any assets to the client so they can take over billing on hard costs.
  • Determine that the results aren’t good enough to justify continuing, and re-use the tools for other purposes such as generating leads from partnerships, webinars– this scenario is rare, but sometimes product:market: timing just doesn’t align for cold outreach strategies.

What is required to start?

A 90-day commitment, and 3 working calls in the first month (strategy, messaging review and live revisions).  After that, review sessions of 1-2 short calls per month is required.

Most importantly, taking the conversations or appointments we start on your behalf and continuing them thoughtfully. If it goes poorly, we want to know. If it goes well, we want to know.

Also, supplying a suppression list (prospects already in your pipeline) via CSV or direct CRM access will be helpful to ensure that our efforts don’t foul things up.

Our clients vary across 20+ different industries. Few examples,

What are the next steps?

If you think that outbound prospecting using personal outreach is the way to get qualified appointments for your business, then I invite you to explore the below options to work together.

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Why your business needs a new way to engage B2B Clients?

Winning new clients in B2B is a challenge for any business...

Whether you sell products or services, whether you are big or small and whether you sell to local businesses or international businesses, 3 things define your success

  • How well you know your audience?
  • How you can build trust & authority with them
  • How well you leverage technology to create Top Of Mind Awareness(TOMA) by sharing value

B2B Client Surge system combines all the above in the way of offering expert guidance and providing the right technology to generate a steady stream of B2B client appointments

And more importantly, WE have proven experience of working with 10's clients and helped them implement this system to get your qualified leads, sales, and growth.

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